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Why are emotions important in UX design?

UX Web Design

Emotions help people to stay connected, understand and learn from each other. It is said that emotions work on many levels and when it comes to a good web design, a design can enthuse and evoke various responses at the emotional level in a customer. Since people have short memory span and quickly look for new content every second, a design should be able to hold their attention.  It has to be incisive, usable and effective to the users.

In the web design context, emotions resonate with the innate sense of a product. If a web design is able to hold their attention, it would definitely sustain a customer. If you can master the best practices of modern UX design, you will be able to avoid the pitfalls of poor web navigation and improve to provide an optimized user experience and thus retaining the customers’ confidence in your brand.

Let’s see how a behavioral response triggers emotions and leads to stronger user experience:

When users are discovering something new, they usually click on sites that match with their search. If you create a dynamic content that aligns with keywords, it will give users that they want as soon as they hit your page. A good web design enhances user engagement. A perfect example of this –  Google and Facebook sites where they use the data of peoples’ distant friendships, appointments agenda, etc. to hook them up with millions of users and engage them for more time.

By using an emotionally rich imagery and intuitive engagement techniques on your site along with strong referrals from Google or Amazon creates trust in them, as this is a powerful emotion in users. In order to get a large user volume on your web site, you should stay up-to-date with current trends in UX usability. When users visit web visits, identify high focus areas in your interface through eye-tracking, heat maps and software that records movements. Keep emotion-stirring content by putting in words and images that make their experience worthwhile.

Also other things like brand relationships, security measures, certification, integrating your products into their daily by apps reiterate their trust in your website. Usually people become interested when they find what they are looking for easily. Their engagement is visible by return visiting ratios or participation in reward systems and by using robust social interfaces you will help your users.

Why do emotions in UX design matter?

UX design works in the same principle as emotional marketing, which means to put humans first and above all. An emotion-based UX aims to achieve its effectiveness by maintaining personalized relationships with target customers and users; by increasing the rates of conversions; by promoting brand; by reinforcing user loyalty through reward systems or offers; by making interaction more authentic and personal.

A site with a great emotional design helps in decreasing bounce rates. UX design structuralizes the website with high quality, user-friendly tools in such a way that it provides the user an effective navigation experience and leads in declining bounce rates.

No doubt a well-designed interface can make or mar your brand value. UX designs provide an enjoyable scrolling experience to the customer and prominent examples of a strong, successful user connect with web designs that are efficiently displayed by brands like Marks & Spencer’s, Zara, Mango, etc.

A strong emotional design avoids negative experiences for the web users and they come back for the feel-good factor. For instance, when you go to a shop and immensely like their services, you will give them a high rating. The same way a good UX design becomes a positive experience for the other users on the same platform as they get tempted and influenced by a good review.

If a UX designer has put in his heart at the concept designing stage, then he is in a better state to maintain the site’s originality and standards by creating a special bond with their customers. Also user behaviour determines the success of UX or web design. There is something special about human emotions, for instance, Nike is a perfect living example of a great emotional bond with their users wherein they have been greatly influenced by Nike’s deeper sense of customized and curated UX designs.

A good emotional design fetches great volumes in sales too! For instance, iPhones and Samsung success ratio has completely obliterated Blackberry and Nokia with their smooth, functional, attractive and slicker UX designs.

Also emotion is a powerful tool that builds memory and research depicts that the more engaged a user’s emotion is to a site, the more likely it impacts the memorization of the message. Everything that revolves around in the web development is a result of design, whether good or bad, all designs evoke an emotion such as pleasure, joy, contentment, frustration, anger or irritation.

Stickboy can help you with great web design to help your users to connect with inanimate objects that they use on a daily basis. Get in touch with us today!

Secure Sending of Data
Advanced IT

How to Handle the Secure Sending of Data?

Secure Sending of Data


With the advent of technology, humanity has witnessed an unprecedented onslaught of innovations in a number of sectors and industries. The digital ecosystem in which most professional work is used to send as well as receive data through the internet. Businesses are not just confined to offices anymore. Thanks to the internet and the emerging concept of ‘work from home,’ businesses across the world are growing by leaps and bounds. This gives rise to the concern of whether or not transmitting data digitally is safe.

When it comes to data transmission using the internet, there is always some scope for hacking or misuse. Sensitive information such as credit card details, balance sheets, personal identity details, mutual funds details, health info, and much more can be attacked and misused by unsocial beings on the internet.

All this makes it even more important to ensure that all data is handled securely by businesses and personnel to avoid potential attacks and risks to a company. But how can businesses enhance the security of the data they transmit on a daily basis? Here are some ways to do just that!

Keep Track Of All The Devices You Use

Always take heed of when your smartphone or laptop is being used by someone else. The Wi-Fi connection you use to connect to your device should also be secure. In the same vein, you must keep track of people who are logging in to the email accounts using your device. Keeping a check on these little things can go a long way to ensuring secure data transmission.

Use Encrypted Emails

Encryption is the key to safety. Emails are completely open-source to intercept. Hence, hackers can easily get access to your email account. Therefore, you must always opt for Outlook or Gmail for encrypted emails. You can use a third-party service provider for encryption in case you use any other email service.

Restrict Data Sharing

It is recommended that you restrict your data when transmitting sensitive information. In such cases, you can increase the safety feature of your emails or data by adding secure elements such as permission to edit or view. Hence, nobody will be able to access the data unless you give them express permission to do so. Only the people you authorize will be able to access your files.

Save Data In The Cloud After Encryption

The cloud service is quite safe. Still, you should always encrypt your data before saving it in the cloud. When you encrypt all your sensitive data before saving it on a cloud platform, you make it impossible for unauthorized individuals to read or intercept said information.

Educate The Workforce

This is one of the most important things to keep in mind when handling sensitive data. Data transmission can be carried out safely only if your staff and employees are trained effectively. Make sure your workforce knows not to open critical data on unsafe Wi-Fi connections or public networks. Doing this can make your business vulnerable and can create a threat for the said data to be intercepted by unauthorized users.

Seek The Help Of Experts

Finally, it could stand you in good stead to seek professional help for secure data transmission. If you have a huge amount of critical or sensitive data that you need to transmit, employing the services of an IT company is advisable as these service providers usually have the perfect tools to ensure tight security where your data is concerned. Hence, they can use their experience and knowledge to give you desirable results.

In present times, there are countless cases of cyber threats and hacking. More and more cases are reported on a daily basis from across the globe. This makes it even more important to educate yourself thoroughly on ways you can protect your data from falling into the wrong hands. To err on the side of caution, you must consider availing of the help of IT professionals who can ensure that your data is safe at all times.

At Stickboy, we offer innovative solutions using the best technologies to ensure the secure transmission of data in companies. To learn more about us and our services, visit https://www.stickboycreative.com!

IT Risk Management Program
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How to Implement a Successful IT Risk Management Program?

IT Risk Management Program


Risk Management is crucial for successful IT support for all kinds of firms despite their size and reach. Keeping the finances, assets, and operations safe ensures that the company is completely compliant with the legal norms. It also ensures that the status, reputation, and credibility of the firm is well-protected. Hence, it is crucial to have an organized risk management system at a firm.

An integrated program for risk management can serve as a powerful tool to help companies take calculated risks while already recognizing the potential problems that might arise. It can help increase the company’s risk appetite in all aspects while being more cautious about it. However, before implementing a proper risk management program, certain things need to be kept in mind.

How to Start an IT Risk Management Program?

There are several things that you must keep in mind while starting an IT risk management program.

Understand Your Risk Policies

When working on the IT risk management framework, it is also important to understand the business policies, resource management, human resource policies, cash flow, succession planning, IT security, and much more. This helps in making the program more coherent to the existing services provided by the company.

Make a List of Possible Risks

It is crucial to identify some of the already existing risks in terms of performance, acceptance, cashflow, IT security, etc. so that the IT risk management program can be robust.

Evaluate & Analyse Your Risks

Once the risks are identified, it is important to evaluate and analyze them regularly. The process of risk evaluation and analysis includes a comparison of the potential losses and opportunities, tolerance levels of the company against possible exposure, and the current degree of controls. The formula Risk = Consequence x Likelihood is used to identify the overall cost of implementing controls and how adequate they are in case of an event’s possibility.

Implement It Step-by-step

The implementation must be a step-by-step process and not everything at the same time. This makes sure that all the backups are made, and everything is done in a well-thought manner. It also makes sure that the implementation process can be done simultaneously while shutting down other departments.

Risk Management

The actual strategies to manage risks must be done efficiently. This process includes having action plans within a given budget to stop potential risks from outbreaking. Also, it must have plans to retain it in case of an outbreak. The potential risks must be accepted, transferred, or avoided. The risk management process includes clear engagement terms., accurate documentation, having precise timelines, implementation restricted to the areas of expertise, etc.

Have Regular Reviews & Monitoring

It is crucial to have regular reviews of the IT management programs so that there is sufficient monitoring. Based on these reviews, you must refine the program to make it better.

Maintain Written Records

It is always good to maintain written records to assess if the risks have decreased or increased over time. It also offers a possibility to revise the plans accordingly. Moreover, the absence of a written record might lead to breaches. So, it always comes in handy to have written records.

Benefits of Implementing A Good IT Risk Management Program

As you can already note, there are several advantages to implementing a good IT risk management program. Apart from making your business more secure, it offers several other benefits. Let us check them out here!

  1. Helps with having a strategic plan for the growth of the company
  2. Litigation risks are greatly reduced
  3. Decision-making process becomes more robust and informed
  4. Helps in developing a good understanding of the risks
  5. Better job and client control leading to more profits
  6. Increase in workflow and better cost control
  7. Improved client engagement and evaluation process

Thanks to these benefits and much more, implementing a good IT risk management program can help you grow your business with much more confidence.

To sum up, implementing a successful risk management program is an integral part of any business. It helps a business grow fruitfully in the long run. Working with stickboy IT solutions, you can be assured that you implement a robust IT program in your company. We have experts who have been working in the field for a long time so.

Cybersecurity Training
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Importance of Cybersecurity Training and Customized Phishing Simulations for Businesses

Cyber Security Training


Phishing has become a prevalent attack in recent times. For those of you who do not know what it is, a phishing attack is essentially one in which a hacker manipulates an employee of a company into giving him/her access to privileged network infrastructure using fraudulent communications. When it comes to the arsenal of a hacker, phishing is one of the most effective tools that can help them steal data, execute ransomware attacks, and install malware on devices and servers. With time, the methods of phishing continue to evolve. The only thing they have in common is a lapse in judgment.

The only way to not fall prey to phishing attacks is to avoid clicking on suspicious links or accepting phishing headlines. For instance, if you do not open any email attachments that look malicious, the hacker will not have any tool left to carry out a successful phishing attack. This is precisely why it is more important than ever to be proactive and ready when it comes to employee security awareness. The only way to do that is to conduct cybersecurity training and customized phishing simulations to educate and prepare your staff from possible attacks.

How Do Phishing Attacks Work? 

Phishing began decades ago when hackers made use of fraudulent messages to get free accounts on CompuServe, American Online, and other similar services. Today, phishing has evolved into something much more sophisticated with a number of variations. Fraudulent emails are definitely one of the more common methods of phishing. These emails can be recognized immediately by keen eyes and are sent as highly stealthy and sophisticated attacks. It is typically easy to spot basic phishing emails.

Other methods that are becoming common lately in phishing attacks are voicemails, SMSs as well as social media platforms. One phishing tool that has become quite known recently is domain spoof. As a part of this scam, hackers use fraudulent websites and domains to impersonate a company or a business. Hence, these websites will look extremely legitimate to you as they are usually imitated to the very last detail. Therefore, you can end up sharing valuable or sensitive information with hackers inadvertently.

You can look out for these red flags when accessing a website:

  1. Check URLs for incongruities or subtle misspellings
  2. Stay clear from toll-free numbers that are prominently displayed
  3. Ignore urgent CTAs
  4. If a file is forceful in its request for you to download a file, navigate away from it

Embrace High-Quality Cybersecurity Training To Protect Yourself Against Phishing

Cybersecurity training and customized phishing simulations are, by far, the best protection against phishing attacks. You can choose from a wide variety of cybersecurity training courses online that can teach you the steps to take to secure your business against such attacks. Businesses must seek optimum training courses from dedicated cybersecurity divisions so that they can enjoy optimum training sessions from industry experts. This will help your employees and workforce protect the interests of the company better against potential cybersecurity threats and malware attacks.

It is important to understand that regardless of the role you have in a company or the position you hold in the office hierarchy, your intelligence and experience do not necessarily insulate you from cyber threats. On the contrary, it makes you even more susceptible to sophisticated phishing attacks. Therefore, it is crucial to carry out a well-designed training course to prepare seniors and executives for the most modern and advanced cyber threats.

In the same vein, technical staff and IT departments must also be offered the most detailed information to help them create top-notch cyber defenses for the business. Undergoing a cybersecurity training program can also offer you insights and in-depth information about the practical elements of cybersecurity. As a result, your IT staff will be more prepared in such scenarios.

Get In Touch With Stickboy For Creative Solutions Against Phishing Attacks

As seen above, high-quality cybersecurity training, regular awareness programs, and customized phishing simulations can save your company from becoming a liability to phishing attacks. Stickboy is a veteran in managing security training. We are armed with the best intelligence and programs in the industry. So, you can rely on us to provide you with premium IT security solutions.

Contact us today for the best-in-class cybersecurity awareness training!




Trusted IT Partner
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How Can A Trusted IT Partner Help Your Business Through Crisis?

Trusted IT Partner

The COVID-19 crisis has brought a new set of challenges for every business. More and more companies are promoting work from home so that the businesses keep functioning amidst the crisis. Unfortunately, many companies did not anticipate this and did not have a robust IT system that can help with the ‘new normal.’ There is still a lot of scope for preparing the IT system to promote work from home in an efficient way.

With a sudden emergence of the pandemic, sensitive and useful data was migrated to the cloud in haste. This led to vulnerabilities of cybersecurity and created inefficiencies, bottlenecks, and major roadblocks in working. Most companies admitted to having faced such issues in the beginning. However, these problems can be solved easily if you work with an IT partner that you can trust. A good IT support company such as stickboy can help you organize your informatics department so that your workforce can work without problems while ensuring that all your data is safe and secure.

These are some of the ways a trusted IT partner such as stickboy could be a lifesaver during this crisis!

Trusted Cloud Solutions

The emergence of cloud solutions is one of the best ways to improve employees’ overall productivity when they are working from home. It helps you get over the need to physically go to the office because it lets you access all the important documents online. We have a team of cloud experts who can help you migrate all your important data to the cloud. We also make sure that it is completely safe and secure. We offer highly reliable cloud migration services and hybrid solutions for the public cloud. We also provide cloud orchestration that helps you avail of multiple cloud services.

Top-class cybersecurity

When you switch to cloud services and start working from home actively, it creates cyber risks too. Hence, it is vital to make sure you have robust IT systems to stand against the cybersecurity vulnerabilities. Since there is a massive exchange of data over the cloud and other endpoints, and the data moves rapidly, the IT security system needs to work efficiently. Therefore, cybersecurity is our top priority, and we have a dedicated team to help secure your business from any kind of cyber vulnerabilities. We also offer special training to the work from home staff to learn about cybersecurity. We configure top-grade anti-virus on the operating systems of the employees. Our cybersecurity services also include helping you have formal cybersecurity policies for the staff that works from home.

Prepare You For A VPN Crisis

There is always a possibility of problems in the Virtual Private Network or VPN. Therefore, we always prepare our clients for it in advance. We offer rigorous testing of the VPN as well as the optimization. Moreover, we also help keep the work-related data and personal data separated so that there is no security breach. We help in the deployment of multi-factor authentication to increase the overall security. Apart from that, our training programs and high-quality anti-virus software.

Round-the-clock Helpdesk

Offering IT support is an essential part of IT services. A small issue might delay the work for long hours. Hence, we offer around-the-clock help desk to help you and your staff with all kinds of IT services. We make sure that your work does not suffer due to a problem in IT infrastructure. Our experts are always happy to help you, and we offer the best possible solution to your problems. We do not hesitate to walk the extra mile to help you.

Proper Management of Telecommunication services

Communication is also a very important aspect when you are working in a team. Therefore, telecommunication services need to be managed well when you plan to actively use it to communicate with your team while working for home. It is crucial for smooth functioning. Understanding its importance, we help you manage your telecommunication services to match your IT standards.

There is no doubt that COVID-19 is one of the biggest pandemic crises that the world has faced in recent times. However, this is also the time to make good use of technology and not let the pandemic affect your business. A trusted IT partner has the right tools to help you emerge as a winner after the pandemic. So, if you are ready to beat the COVID-19 crisis, get in touch with stickboy to find the best IT Partner NOW!




IT Company Help Businesses
Advanced IT

How Can IT Solutions Make Companies Better in Post-COVID World?


IT Company Help Businesses

The COVID-19 crisis has definitely changed the way everything works. During the period of social distancing and lockdown, most companies across the world have asked their employees to work from home. This has given rise to the need to access valuable and sensitive data from home internet connections. But the real question is, “Are IT solutions of today prepared for this kind of work arrangement?”

In other words, are home internet networks safe and secure enough? Apart from that, it is also important to think about the IT infrastructure to see if it’s resilient enough to adapt to varied situations. In the unpredictable post-COVID era and with society getting used to the ‘new normal,’ the IT structure needs to adapt to it.

Following are some steps that can help in making your IT system more powerful in a post-COVID world:

Using Cloud Services for Better Security & Flexibility

Cloud services can come in handy when you or your employees plan to work from home. However, this would require a secure cloud migration program so that the data from the premise can be moved to a cloud service. Once all your data is transferred to the cloud, you will be able to access it from any location.

However, this requires a modern IT infrastructure to ensure that there is no security breach. Working with reliable IT services such as Stickboy Creative can help you install high-quality and reliable cloud-based systems.

Strategic Cloud Planning

Strategic planning is crucial when you are considering to start using cloud services extensively for your business. However, it is never a good idea to do it all at once. There has to be in-depth planning and analysis carried out to have the pain points identified at the earliest. Hence, there is a need to have a checklist for cloud migration, determination of public or hybrid cloud service model, and the possible challenges to manage the entire transfer of knowledge.

Security & Cloud Testing

It is important to consider cloud computing platforms as important business infrastructure. As a part of this consideration, businesses must conduct regular maintenance and testing to ensure their operations’ stability and security. It is crucial to remember that all new cloud applications or platforms come with a security risk of some kind.

Hence, these aspects must be considered and handled proactively. In this regard, some things to bear in mind are ensuring strong data encryption for at-rest data and in-transit data as well as enforcing adequate access control and data deletion policies.

Manage Your IoT & Mobile Devices Properly

This transition will also compel companies to find a way to properly handle both employee-owned and company-owned mobile devices, including the data they contain. Research shows that more than 78% of companies across the globe had BYOD activity carried out on their network in 2019. That said, most businesses still do not have a clear plan regarding the effective management of those devices.

To ensure effective and secure remote work, businesses need to effectively control all mobile devices with access to their resources. In this regard, being on top of their game will have them ensure a secure and permanent arrangement in this new norm of ‘work from home.”

Ongoing Security Monitoring

Finally, ongoing security monitoring is a must for businesses with sensitive customer data. In the same vein, if your company has strict compliance requirements, it is vital to invest in 24/7 security monitoring to ensure that your privacy and that of your customers are secure at all times. Using this service can help you keep an eye on your network’s endpoints, regardless of whether they are remote or on-premise. Hence, you will be able to respond to incoming threats quickly.

The only way to ensure resilience and strength in a post-COVID world is for companies to work with seasoned and expert IT services providers. They must choose wisely after thoroughly checking the portfolios and reputations of companies in the field. The shortlisted IT solutions companies must excel in mobile endpoint management, cybersecurity, and cloud computing so that your business can rest assured of no data breach on any front.

With years of experience, Stickboy Creative has quickly made a name for itself in the IT solutions industry. Get in touch with us for unparalleled IT solutions for your business!

Business continuity plan
Advanced IT Strategy

Tips to Create a Seamless Business Continuity Plan

tips to create business continuity plan

It cannot be disputed that planning, as well as executing a business continuity plan in the present times, has become the need of the hour. Companies can’t predict all the things that can go wrong. Even if you have sufficient time to prepare beforehand, you cannot be sure how a natural disaster or a cybersecurity breach will affect your business.

In this article, we share with you some tips for creating a seamless business continuity plan.

What Does a Business Continuity Plan Entail?

Simply put, a business continuity plan can be defined as a documented system that helps in recovering data from threats and averting damage in a crisis. Incorporating this plan into your business can help you protect your assets and ensure that all kinds of crucial operational activities do not stop once disaster strikes.

With the company’s staff and stakeholders’ help, you can create a business continuity plan that can help you prepare for any future threats. It is noteworthy that a successful and thorough business continuity plan must be integrated completely throughout your IT infrastructure and business to reduce possible damage and downtime. Irrespective of whether you run a small business or a major corporation, any business continuity plan’s main goals are to minimize loss, protect the brand image, sustain continuity, and retain customer value.

Things to Keep in Mind When Designing an Efficient Business Continuity Plan

All business continuity plans differ according to the industry, IT infrastructure, and company size. However, some common key components of all plans are the following:

  •       Recovery Mechanism

You must begin by identifying and implementing measures to recover all the important business operations.

  •       Business Impact Analysis

It is important to identify all the time-sensitive processes and identify how a certain organizational failure will affect your business.

  •       Training & Testing

Your team members must be trained as well as tested to make sure that they understand the business continuity plan thoroughly.

  •       Organizational Roles

It would be best if you created a dedicated response team to manage business disruptions.

Tips to Create the Perfect Business Continuity Plan

To make a standardized business continuity plan, you must keep the following checklist in mind and make sure it is enforced in your company:

  •       Build a Team

The first thing to do to build an efficient business continuity plan is to assign roles and responsibilities to all the employees in your company. This will help everyone understand their responsibilities when disaster strikes. Therefore, the business recovery plans will be carried forward smoothly till the execution stage.

  •       Identify Threats

You must then identify the potential risks, vulnerabilities, and threats that could potentially affect your business. This list will depend on your geographical location and set-up. For example, your business’s physical location might enhance the chances of a hurricane, flood, tsunami, earthquake, or fire.

  •       Carry Out Business Impact Analysis

You must also execute a business impact analysis that means that you must identify time-sensitive and important business processes and figure out how they rely on each other for the optimum running of your business.

In order to do this, you will need to establish when the loss of a process or a function would lead to the impacts and the impacts that would come from losing a specific business process or function. Once you complete this analysis, you will be able to prioritize all the important processes to ensure operational and financial continuity.

  •       Educate Your Staff

It is crucial to prepare your IT staff for digital transformations with the basics of cybersecurity so that they can handle business continuity optimally. For that, it is important to make all your employees aware of the plan as well as their roles in the protection of the business. You can form a training program to this effect so that the staff can develop all the skills that will be required to ensure an effective recovery strategy.

  •       Protect Sensitive Information

Finally, every business has some vital data that cannot be lost or misplaced for critical business functions. Losing it to the wrong hands can put your entire business at risk. Therefore, login credentials, financial records, data backups, as well as other critical data, must be isolated. You must store it somewhere safe so that you can access it quickly during recovery.

Keeping these tips in mind can help you create a seamless business continuity plan.


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Is your business ready for remote work? Stickboy is donating FREE IT lockdown prep. Let us configure your work computers so you’re ready when the mandatory work-from-home order comes.

Your business will be back online with a simple flip of the switch. Same computer, different chair.

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6 Free Services Your Business Needs Right Now

With so many people now telecommuting from home due to the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses and organizations around the world are scrambling to adopt remote-work practices. Whether its video conferencing, remote team collaboration, virtual classrooms, or other activities, there are free and discounted services available to you. We’ve put together a curated list to help you sort through the chaos of work-from-home!

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