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Solve your IT and software problems efficiently and profitably using process automation.
Add artificial intelligence to gain a real competitive edge.

Have you ever
had these thoughts
about your technology?

“I have too many manual processes.”

“Am I paying too much for IT?”

“I can’t find the software my business needs.”

“I have an amazing app idea. Who can I trust to develop it?”

“I’ve heard of artificial intelligence, but how can it help my business?”

“Who can help me with Salesforce?”

You and your business deserve better.

We get you. Let’s talk today.


High-Speed Software Development

Your company needs processes to grow and scale seamlessly. Automating tasks is the answer to increased profits, motivated employees, and achievable goals.

Next-Generation Advanced IT Management

Stop being overwhelmed by constant IT problems. Get non-traditional IT management that increases your company’s value, makes your employees happier, and costs a lot less!

High-Performance Mobile Apps

Develop mobile apps that increase revenue, conquer new markets, and reach new customers faster and with complete confidence.

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Your Growth Plan


Strategy & Clarity

Understanding your unique business technology challenges and goals is vital to developing a custom plan to achieve your vision.


Execute & Report

Execute your plan with the right mix of custom software, next-gen managed IT, and mobile app solutions. Solve challenges with technology and reduce stress.


Optimize & Improve

Even after these solutions are in place, we are continuously innovating and improving your workflow to increase profitability and efficiency.

This allows us to scale your business
while increasing profitability!


Let's do great things together.

Your business is inefficient, and you're losing money. You can reduce costs, automate your processes, and streamline your team with the right technology partner. Maybe you have an idea for the next great mobile app that will unlock a new market and revenue stream for you, giving you the lifestyle you've always wanted. Wherever you want technology to take your business, the award-winning team at Stickboy can get you there.

At Stickboy, cutting-edge technology is the norm. With everything from custom software, mobile apps and custom programming to Salesforce development, artificial intelligence algorithms, data security, predictive analytics, and next-gen managed IT services, your business can be transformed. We take a personal approach when it comes to customer service, so you'll finally have the technology team you need to take your company to the next level.

And with our team's fanatical customer service approach and a deep understanding, you'll finally have the technology team you need to take your company to the next level.

We're not just a vendor. We're your technology partner.