User data is at the heart of our user-centered designs. We get to know you and your users, focusing on individuals, tasks, and interactions to pull together a deep holistic data picture. By knowing what users can do, and what they like, need, and want to do, we can build online interfaces that respond, serve, and satisfy. By knowing what users can do, and what they like, need, and want to do, we can build online interfaces that respond, serve, and satisfy.

UI/UX Design

UID + UXD = Seamless, contextualized, agile, unique. Our design philosophy is simple: We want to make your users happy. That's why our interface and experience designs communicate with your users to give them what they need simply and efficiently. If you can meet your customers' goals painlessly, they will like your brand. If they like your brand, you will meet your objectives.


Change is accelerating exponentially, user needs and preferences are keeping pace, and you need to be up and running with them. We understand this, and our development team has their track shoes on. We hew to the principles of agility and transparency in everything we do. The objective is rapid initial delivery, followed by a heady blend of iteration and innovation, at all times framed by close cooperation between client and development team.

Website Testing

Guessing does not work when it comes to a website or application that has to produce ROI. We strive to build in a competitive edge from the ground up, and work toward that objective by keeping a data-driven handle on what works or does not work at all stages of our iterative design process.Finally, we take your site out for a drive, put it through its paces, test and retest code and functions until it is humming like a sewing machine and stable as the Rock of Gibraltar.

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User Interface Design / UI Design

User Interface: the space where interaction between human and machine occurs. It is your storefront, billboard, shelf-space, warehouse, and so much more. At Stickboy, we know that the user interface is your company, business, and brand. We realize that User Interface Design is the project, and criticality, the point where everything comes together.

The years of training and experience, the research, the strategy development, the leg-work; they all come together in the UI design phase. We will bring all of our technical prowess and considerable creative acumen to bear, and bring your brand to vibrant life in a captivating, compelling, empowering, and seamless user experience that will turn users into customers, and customers into brand advocates.

Our Fort Myers Web Design Team focuses on:

  • Visual Design
  • Wireframes
  • Information Architecture
  • Interaction Design
  • Mobile Design
  • Iterative Prototyping
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User Experience

Increasingly complex and feature rich websites demand excellent user experience designs. At the core, User Experience Design (UX) is based on one simple thing: user perception. Visitors to your site or users of your application will be asking whether or not it adds value to their lives. These are important considerations, as are skilled applications of Information Architecture, Interaction Design, and Visual Design. We know that interface and "feel" only go so far. We recognize that powerful UX includes strategies based on deep understandings of our clients' business models and processes in Fort Myers and Naples. We consider the broader operational contexts inhabited by the target users, and explore the parts that our clients' products and services play in their lives. We view UX as a total package geared to maximize user experience, and in the case of ecommerce, directly influence purchasing decisions.

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