TogetherCare is a cross-platform mobile application that was crafted by healthcare providers for healthcare providers. The application empowers providers to organize, manage, and complete in-home healthcare visits quickly and securely. It’s the modern day replacement for an archaic paper process that its highly regulated industry needed.

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With this new electronic visit verification (EVV) software, caregivers are no longer walking around with clipboards and notebooks trying to record what they do during their home visits. This benefits the entire business.

Caregivers have more time to focus on actual care taking. Family members don’t need to wonder if their loved ones are really being cared for. The business no longer has caregivers misrepresenting their time working and services rendered. Insurance companies are being accurately and electronically billed, ensuring maximum profit for the Together Care Connections team.



The healthcare industry is a highly regulated and bureaucratic one. Designing a mobile application that bragged both ease-of-use and security became the key facet of the platform. Our goal was simple: create an app that the non-savvy can use while safe-guarding clients’ protected health information.



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Care Design

Given the age and demographic of the target users, we strived for a clean and easy-to-use interface. Throughout the app we used color to draw the eye and assist even the least tech-savvy user in completion of their tasks.

We had been on over a 6 year effort to develop a HIPAA Compliant app for our business, with large cost and little success. That was until we discovered the creative talent that is Stickboy. After less than 6 months of collaborative development effort where users were engaged in the very early stages of development and testing, we are ready to go live!

Richard Destefano,
TogetherCare Connections

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