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Stickboy’s® history is as unique as its name. We were founded in 2007 by Reema & Matt to help Southwest Florida make sense of their technology. We pride ourselves on being innovators and have treated ourselves as an incubator, constantly fostering the adoption of new technologies and ventures within our organization. This has allowed Stickboy® to stay on top of the latest technologies including blockchain, machine learning, and big data analytics. This experience shows in our work, and the community agrees: we are one of the most highly awarded and recognized tech companies in the state.

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Stick What?


We love the response and curiosity that everyone has with our unique name. We didn’t set out for a cutting-edge name — that just came naturally because we’re all about being ourselves. There’s no need to try to sound smart with some technie name that only a few people understand. What’s even better? There’s a person we call Stickboy® …
Stickboy® is the person who believed Reema had a special spark that only entrepreneurs have. She already had the smarts and the skills and the sincereness. Whatever it was, something stuck, and Reema had the strength to start her first business … a technology business … during the Recession.
Oh, did we mention Stickboy® is Matt, our Founder? He was given Stickboy® as his nickname one day when he was young and golfing with his father and friends. Little did he ever dream that someone (Reema) would be inspired by him years later and name a high-tech company after him. And then Matt was inspired by Reema’s drive and success and joined his namesake company in 2009.
So it all started with two aces …

Stickboy® is your technology


We’re not going to be content with the way things have always been done. Content companies don’t last.
Through each piece of technology and an unwavering commitment, we’re going to transform your company’s growth plan.
From the start, Stickboy’s® values were formed out of necessity. Business during the Recession required efficiencies and risk assessments. It needed the ability to pivot and adapt, pivot and adapt. Budgets mattered. (We’re a lean technology machine!) Data, insights, infrastructure, and intellectual property needed to be powerful and protected.
Through the years, technology has changed. Our values for growth and success have not.
We’re not going to let that mindset go. Your success and longevity are at stake.
Our advice, like our technology, is straight up. It’s what you need.
Let’s grow together.

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