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Efficiency Meets Reality

An enterprise software, with the content and processes it presents to your users, is the inward-looking face of your Brand. Software users are likely to be your most informed and observant critics. You need a software that meets user needs perfectly while operationalizing your business objectives effectively. It is critical to align the design and functionality of your software with the demands of those two imperatives. We offer a structured strategy formulation process built on four action modules:

  • Vision

    We will collaborate with you to:

    • Clarify and prioritize your business needs and objectives.
    • Identify and prioritize your user audience.
    • Define the vision for your software(s).
  • Governance

    Our development team will collaborate with key management and IT resources from your operation to analyze your business models and processes from strategic, tactical, and operational standpoints. The result is a working plan for your software.

  • Software and Collaboration 101

    The Stickboy team will present the working plan to your users, and employ real-world examples to walk them through all site functionalities in order to demonstrate the capabilities of the technology.

  • Roadmap

    We use inputs generated during this process to create a Technology Roadmap that will align your short- and long-term business objectives with the specific technology solutions that will let you achieve those objectives.

Get Organized. Stay Connected.

  • Customization to your business needs
  • Scalability for future growth
  • Business Process Automation
  • Simple integration within existing systems
  • Built-in security
  • Proven track records
  • PHP & ASP.net environment options
  • Enterprise-class database designs
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Our Software Strategy Engagement process will walk you through a collaborative analysis designed to ensure that your team and the Stickboy team clearly define and prioritize the purposes and functions of the proposed software.

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Experience & Expertise

The Stickboy Software Development Engagement process is a collaborative walk through of the complete roadmap outline of a technology development strategy customized to your business requirements and constraints, and optimized for maximum usability and future growth capability. Along with programming and design, we consider administration, release management, focus group testing, help desk operations, and the many other aspects of enterprise software development and implementation.

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