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The Student Experience

We designed the student experience from the point when they decide to purchase a product from Larson Education until they complete their class to be as seamless as possible. The goal was to provide students with the tools and experience to optimize their time with Larson Education.

  • A LarsonTrak ID card that allows them to log their attendance on the LarsonTrak iPad app
  • Powerful student portal that contains Class and Tutor information
  • Purchase a Class Tutor and start using it in a matter of moments
  • Easy communication with Larson staff
  • Friendly and helpful email reminders on class starts, changes, and general information
  • Easy class attendance tracking and automatic completion certificate generation
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Powerful Class and
Student Administration

Consolidating so many pillars of the Larson Education business into one place presents many challenges. Working closely with the Larson Education staff, we were able to create a system that allows them full access to student activity, Class creation and management, Tutor creation and management, and customized performance reporting.

Flexible and Scalable

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    The LarsonTrak system automates and streamlines many aspects of their business from student attendance, to class status updates, to reminder emails, to completion certificate generation, the list goes on.

    But we also wanted LarsonTrak to allow the administrator to manually override almost any one of these processes in case a special circumstance arises.

  • larson education custom software student dashboard

    A LarsonTrak administrator can manually update and change a student’s Class, Tutor, attendance, license information, contact information, and many more with a few keystrokes.

    They can also update the status of entire classes and solve problems with entire groups of students as they arise.

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    The platform also needed to be scalable as Larson Education is a dynamic and exciting company, and the staff are always looking for the next big thing that can wow their students.

    One of these is allowing students to take Online Courses from the comfort of their own homes, further placing Larson Education as a leader in their industry.

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