Bring together 3 ecommerce website businesses to give customers the ultimate choice

  • ecommerce website screenshot; choose from a vast inventory of available lapel pins and customize them to your liking.

  • ecommerce website screenshot; create the customized ring of your dreams.

  • ecommerce website screenshot; start with a blank slate to create the precise lapel pin that you wish to purchase. ecommerce quote request form page on macbook

Easy Quotes and Purchasing

All three of these separate businesses had their own needs, target customers, products, and process. Pulling them together and building dynamic and cutting edge online shopping portals allows the team at Emblematic Jewelry to fulfill the multitude of different orders without having to worry about the logistics of where they came from.

Each site also qualifies a customer through a carefully created quoting process to ensure that their request goes the exact people who can help them.

vectra online designer app and ecommerce cart

The Full Power of Vectra

Our own Vectra design software was installed on to allow customers to have a blank canvas to make the lapel pins of their dreams.

A few clicks and anyone has the ability to not only create what they desire, but to also see it in front of them in real time - cutting down on weeks of communication with proofs from Emblematic Jewelry staff members.

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