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Jet’s Pizza needed a customized online business intelligence platform for their franchisees. The task was a challenging one - with over 400 stores divided up into various groups and territories, the platform needed to flexible enough to handle all of the franchise owners from the largest group to the smallest individual.

They had access to the raw data, but had no way of getting context on what to do with it. They knew the individual data points, but couldn’t glean any understanding or insight out of them. They didn’t just need any solution to this problem, they needed a smart solution.

A Team Approach

Stickboy Creative worked with a select group of franchise owners and individuals at Jets Corporate to develop an online application that allows each franchisee the following:

  • Immediate, realtime access to their business data including sales, revenue, trends and comparisons
  • Provides flexible report generation that gives owners the ability to drive deep into the data that they need to make decisions about their businesses
  • Summaries and detailed breakdowns allow owners to analyze the growth and cost of their businesses at a glance.
  • Broadcast notifications from HQ to all owners about updates on changes coming to Jets and what stores need to be prepared for.
  • Grants Jets HQ the tools needed to manage a growing owner base and give store owners access to all their franchisees
  • Enables owners to securely access sensitive business data from anywhere in the world using the latest security standards
jet's pizza custom software dashboard on tablet

The Power of Business Intelligence

The knowledge on a store, coop, regional and national that is displayed in the dashboard empowers Jet's to make smart business decisions, informed choices about the menu and marketing and product development, empowers to their franchisees to make decisions regarding pricing, customer reach out (promotions) and acquisition.

We have plans to roll in communication, co-op tools and management; the eventual goal is to give franchisees an online digital platform to run their franchise from anywhere on the planet at any time.

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