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A Fresh Approach

Looking to build on the success of Clear Vision Solutions, Doug Stroh, CEO, wanted to take what he learned building the first version of his business software and create the best processing application in the auto glass market.

The approach was to take what we knew worked in the old system while refining and updating it to work better in the new system. The philosophy was about improving ease of use and giving the customers of Clear Vision an application that provided the power and flexibility they needed. Existing software was clunky and didn’t take into account the streamlined business model that Doug had created.

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A Strategy For The Future

Stickboy Creative was tasked to create the new version of the software within an aggressive timeline. We worked closely with the staff and customers of CV Windshield to outline a strategy that consisted of identifying the core of what Clear Vision was providing, and what it’s user base really needed. Using the current system as a reference point, we forged ahead with the new plan.

The application was built in Yii 2 on a SQL database. For the larger clients that Clear Vision had, we developed an elegant and powerful RESTful API to allow them to create their own applications to interface directly with the system.

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Scalability As A Feature

We launched the application slowly to a handful of users on the old system. Working closely with these pilot users, we were able to identify and create new solutions to issues. Usually this first stage of a launch spells disaster for a product that’s replacing an old, but the scalable software architecture gave us the ability to roll in feature updates that users requested at a rapid pace.

As Clear Vision continues to grow and evolve, so does the new application. Features that were not considered possible in the old software are now roadmaps to success in the new. We can’t wait to see what new ideas their management is going to have.

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