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7 Ways Business Dashboard Software Can Change A Manager’s Life

7-Ways-Business-Dashboard-Software-Can-Change-A-Managers-LifeIt feels great “being in the zone”, doesn’t it?

You’re completely aware of everything going on in your company; deadlines are met, everything is under budget, you’re firing on all cylinders.

You -> Zone. Don’t you wish it could be like this more often? Not just for you, but everyone at your company? Here’s the deal: it can.

Imagine having one place where all of the information you need to do your job is available and waiting for you. You can have a personal assistant that can get you up to speed on everything you need to be a rock star in your industry.

It’s called business dashboard software, and it and visually reports the status of different areas of your business in one place. Think of it like a car dashboard: it’s showing you your speed, engine temperature, amount of gas, engine revs, mileage, and alerts you of any issues that may arise.

You can have that for your business as well, and here are 7 ways it can change your life.

Software Development

5 Must-Have Items For Your Software Development Agreement

5-Must-Have-Items-For-Your-Software-Development-Agreement-postYou already know that software development can be complicated.

Between navigating the feature requirements, development schedule, the scrum time line – it can be overwhelming.

Here’s the thing, your business is going to be spending much more of it’s time using your custom software than was spent developing it. Don’t neglect post-launch.

So we’re going to outline the 5 most important things you need to make sure are outlined in your software development agreement, and ensure continued success.

You’re about to revolutionize your business with a custom software application – don’t make an expensive mistake by forgetting life after launch!

Software Development

3 Web Application Development Myths You Must Avoid

3-Myths-About-Web-Application-DevelopmentYou already know how apps can revolutionize businesses, from process automation to B2B and B2C products.

But there’s a catch (isn’t there always?) – they’re not secure, can’t have the features you need, and they’re basically just a fancy website, right?


Web application development can provide your business with the features you need for your next great idea, as well as being secure.

Here are 3 myths that shouldn’t hold you back from web app development. Because if you keep thinking these are true, you may be making a huge mistake.

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3 Signs You Need Custom Business Software

It may seem like custom business software is only for the mega-corporations, but that’s wrong. Small and medium sized businesses can benefit from custom business software and gain efficiency, service their customers in new ways, and streamline processes.

Graphic with text: 3 Signs You Need Custom Business Software

Custom business software can run a wide range of solutions from taking an entire business and turning into a lean and mean software platform, to a small applet that automates a single task. The end result is always the same – increased business efficiency.

But how do you know it’s time to invest in your own development? Here are 3 signs.

Software Development

How to Find the ROI of Custom Software Development

When developing custom software, your company is going to want to have a favorable return on your investment. How you calculate that is vital to informing your entire project strategy.

Custom software can be complex, and trying to calculate the projected return on it can seem daunting. In the beginning you only have an idea of what you’re building. So how can you make sure your business gets a positive ROI from your software development application?

How to Find the ROI of Custom Software Development

There are, in general, two types of custom software and depending on which you build will determine how you calculate your ROI. Watch the video below and read the post to see how best to find the ROI of custom software development.

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The Big 3 Benefits of Business Process Automation [Video]

What if you could increase efficiency, decrease mistakes, and gain valuable insight into the functions of your business? The answer is called Business Process Automation, and it’s benefits can help you reach your business goals in record time.

If you picture one of your business’s processes, it seems simple enough: get customer approval, send to legal, copy accounts and marketing, once approved send to the project managers, etc. Each of these steps is probably done by a person who is responsible for moving that item along the chain.


The problem is that humans are flawed. Many businesses are finding ways to automate this workflow and streamline their processes from manually to automatically driven. Watch our video below as we break down 3 big benefits of business process automation.

Software Development

Off The Shelf vs Custom Software, The Pros and Cons

Figuring out which route to go with your software needs can be daunting. Is it better to buy something off the shelf or to have a development team create a custom software solution for your business?


Just like the Apollo Lunar Module (which the code in the graphic above is from – so cool!), your business runs on software. It’s worth asking if the tools your using are the best fit for what you’re trying to do with them. It’s one of the most important decisions for your business – cost, efficiency, training, features – these are just a few things that you’ll need to know and understand.

Your competition and market are always moving ahead – how can you be sure the decision you make is best?

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Do’s and Don’ts of Mobile App Design


Do you have an idea you think could set the world on fire? How about creating the next big app that everyone can’t stop talking about? Or are you more focused – there’s an industry in need of a solution and you have the perfect one?

Before you get started writing a single line of code or designing a screenshot for your mobile app, you’ll want to make sure to check our Do’s and Don’ts of Mobile App Design.

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4 Things To Know When Hiring A Custom Software Development Company



If you’re considering hiring a custom software development company for your application concept, it can seem daunting. You’re approaching a very complicated process that requires considerable investment in time and money. You’re probably asking these questions:

How will this fit in my budget?

What about my interests, are they being protected?

How do I know the company I’m hiring is the most capable?

It can seem intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be. Arm yourself with these 4 pointers and you’ll be well on your way to a successful project.

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5 Benefits of Business Process Automation

Business process automation layout

When you started your business, you were likely just excited to get to the point where you were turning a profit. But now that you have all the kinks hammered out, it’s more about scaling and getting your business to a point where it runs like a machine. Getting to that point means increasing efficiency and documenting your processes.

Business process automation (BPA) allows you to manage your data and processes in such a way that reduces your costs, resources and investment. By automating key business processes with technology you can significantly increase efficiency and scalability.

How does this work and why should you include it in your business? Keep reading.