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All About Google’s SERP Features

map pack with text all about google's serp featuresEveryone wants their site to perform better on Google.

You’ve optimized your site, put on good content, and made sure that Google can find you. But at the end of the day, a search result page is going to make your page look just like your competition.

So how can you stand out from the sea of blue links around you?

A new frontier you can capitalize on when it comes to search results are “SERP Features”. Google has been rolling these out and they’re a powerful method of elevating your website above the sea of result listings.

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SEO Tips

How To Use Google Webmasters Tools: 6 Points To Know

Don’t you wish you could just call Google and ask them about your site?

You could find out what they know and what they’re looking for to show your site higher in search results.

It would be a lot better than staring at your competition and wondering “what are they doing?”

Here’s the thing: you CAN find out that information for your site.

How awesome is that?


Google provides a tool that used to be called Google Webmasters (now Google Search Console), and it is crucial to understand what it can do for you, as well as what it provides.

If you want to rank on Google, here’s everything you need to know about how to use Google Webmasters Tools.

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The Actionable SEO Audit: 5 Steps to Boost Your Google Rankings

better seo rankingsThere’s nothing like seeing your website at the top of Google results, right?

Showing up on the first page is your website announcing to the world, “I’ve arrived”. But the journey to get there can seem long, winding, and confusing.

There’s no shortage of “amazing guides” out there that promise a boost of 50%, 75% – I’ve even seen some that promise a 300% increase in traffic by doing “this one trick no one knows about” (promises like that always raise an eyebrow, you know?).

But what about the no-nonsense items that are proven to work? The basics?

The ones that Google itself says it’s looking for?

That’s what this SEO audit is for. To give your website the solid foundation it needs for success.

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Google’s “Intrusive Interstitials” Penalty Was Announced – Will It Affect You?

Googles-Intrusive-Interstitials-Penalty-Was-Announced---Will-It-Affect-YouI bet this probably annoys you.

You click on a link in Google to read something awesome, and before you can read the content you get this giant …thing… in the way holding that poor, defenseless content hostage unless you agree to sign up for something or watch a countdown with an ad.

They’re called “intrusive interstitials”, and it turns out Google doesn’t like them either. So it’s going to penalize sites that use them.

If your site uses these or something like this, you’ll want to make sure you’re clear of Google’s rules, or you could see your rankings take a hit.

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How Does Google View Your Website?

If you’re looking to improve your Google rankings, the first thing you’ll need to know is what Google knows about your website. What information do they have? What are they looking for? How can you best position your website to perform better on Google and other search engines?

Here are a few tips and tools from Harrison to help your business perform better on Google’s search results, and get more traffic flowing in.

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Want To Rank Better On Google? You’ll Need These 4 Things

Your website is up and the biggest source of traffic and leads is from a company in Mountain View called Google. So how does Google determine your search ranking?

Why is your site hidden deep in the results so when your potential customer is searching for what you offer? If they can’t find you, they’re going to your competition instead of you.

How do you fix this? What is the secret to getting better rankings on Google? Read on and you’ll find a simple 4 step process to do just that.

rank better on google

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SEO Tips Web Design

Effective Tips for Designing Web Pages to Boost Conversion Rates

Designing web pages that convert visitors into leads is critical to having good sales volume on your website. Before looking to spend more time, money, and effort on something new, why not leverage what you already have?