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More Than Money: Is Blockchain In Your Future?

Spoiler Alert: If your company’s success hinges on the accuracy and credibility of the data you collect, blockchain is in your future. But we’ll come back to that.

Blockchain Demystified

At its simplest, blockchain represents an append-only ledger. But what does that mean? Let’s use an analogy: pencils versus pens.


  • Information is recorded, same as with pens.
  • Pencil marks can be erased, leaving room for fraud or unsolicited edits.
  • Mistakes can be resolved with a simple erasure, but no record of the adjustment is kept.


  • Information is recorded, same as with pencils.
  • Pen marks cannot be erased, leaving no room for fraud or unsolicited edits.
  • Mistakes must be resolved by appending additional data to the erroneous mark. The original mark is maintained, keep a record of the mistake.

In the analogy above, blockchain is the pen. Traditional database methods are the pencil. You wouldn’t complete a form with a pencil, would you?

Blockchain renders your data immutable through the clever use of hashing algorithms. Every data entry in the “chain” is compared against the previous entries, ensuring at every step that the data still “adds up”. If any manipulation to previous data is detected, the chain is compromised and the administrator is notified. That data is no longer credible.

With blockchain all edits are transparent (to those with privileged access to the data), allowing you to report on your data with 100% accuracy.

Use Cases For Blockchain

There is a misconception that blockchain is just for cryptocurrencies or other monetary transactions. That’s simply not true. Blockchain has a place in any industry where performance and income is judged on the credibility of the data coming into and out of a business.

Blockchain is exciting because it offers both transparency and agility in any contractual or reporting relationship an organization has.

Some great use cases include:

  • Healthcare — As consumer demand for an increase healthcare transparency and accountability increases, healthcare is ripe for a blockchain revolution. From patient records to prescription changes, to in-home visitation; any data collected on a patient or client should be recorded in a permanent, immutable fashion.
  • Agriculture — Sustainable and fair sourcing of food products is a hot topic for today’s consumer. Blockchain allows food providers to track a product from source to shelf. Fairtrade is getting re-imagined!
  • Service-based Anything — You only get paid when your technician shows up to the customers’ house or business. What if they’re not home? What if they claim your tech never came? A blockchain-secured timeclock system provides your billing and legal team a verifiable activity record. Your clients can’t dodge the invoice, and your techs can’t game the system.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

So What Now?

Blockchain adoption can be a tricky bit of development, but Stickboy® Creative specializes in developing exactly these sorts of solutions. Contact us today. Chances are you’ll get to talk to me!

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The Six Biggest Enterprise Mobility Mistakes To Avoid

Businesses are moving forward in key areas with their enterprise mobility strategies, but all too often development mistakes, like the ones below, can risk project chaos.

Many businesses like yours want to take their processes and business functions mobile. What many companies fail to understand is the complexity involved with developing a mobile app and don’t realize their mistake until they’re in the middle. They then face spending development time and resources just to get the project back on track where they should have been in the first place. You’ll want to make sure your team is experienced in all aspects of a mobile app project like this.

6 biggest enterprise mobility mistakes to avoid

How can you be sure that your enterprise mobility project won’t make these same mistakes? We’ve collected 6 things you’ll need to know.

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Why Your Business Needs a Mobile App: Learn From The Rock

Brash and motivating, The Rock Clock delivers a branding experience unlike any other I’ve seen. If you to want to learn why your business needs a mobile app, The Rock can teach you.

I’ve used The Rock Clock for months now, and I’ll tell you this if you’re planning to as well: get used to being called a candy-ass first thing in the morning. A lot.


The Rock Clock is an alarm clock released by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, the star of (insert almost any massive summer blockbuster here), and is phase two of what he’s calling Project Rock. The goal of Project Rock is to push people to attain their biggest hopes and dreams. It’s all about motivation and getting his personal brand out there in an engaging way.

And it is hands-down one of the best examples of mobile apps for a business I’ve ever seen. So what can you, the business owner, learn about a mobile app from the Rock?

A ton, jabroni.

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Mobile App Statistics That Will Help You Define Your 2016 Strategy

mobile app statistics infographic

With billions of mobile apps downloaded, 2016 could be a big year if your business is looking to start a mobile app project. But what does the mobile app landscape look like?

This infographic titled Mobile App Statistics That Will Help You Define Your 2016 Strategy shows that the average app revenue for Apple is $4,000 and Android is $1,125. Almost half of Google Play Store and App Store users find their app via search. Word of Mouth is the next biggest way people discover apps with 15% of iPhone users and 12% of Android users. The smallest numbers were social media ads and referrals, with iPhone users only finding an app 1% of the time in both ads and referrals, and Android users finding an app 2% of the time in an ad, and 1% of the time in a referral.

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5 Key Tips For Successful Mobile App Development


This is an amazing time. You, as a business owner, can take your company and literally put it in the pocket of your customer. Mobile devices are dominating growth in computing and mobile app development is an indispensable part of that.