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Why are emotions important in UX design?

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Emotions help people to stay connected, understand and learn from each other. It is said that emotions work on many levels and when it comes to a good web design, a design can enthuse and evoke various responses at the emotional level in a customer. Since people have short memory span and quickly look for new content every second, a design should be able to hold their attention.  It has to be incisive, usable and effective to the users.

In the web design context, emotions resonate with the innate sense of a product. If a web design is able to hold their attention, it would definitely sustain a customer. If you can master the best practices of modern UX design, you will be able to avoid the pitfalls of poor web navigation and improve to provide an optimized user experience and thus retaining the customers’ confidence in your brand.

Let’s see how a behavioral response triggers emotions and leads to stronger user experience:

When users are discovering something new, they usually click on sites that match with their search. If you create a dynamic content that aligns with keywords, it will give users that they want as soon as they hit your page. A good web design enhances user engagement. A perfect example of this –  Google and Facebook sites where they use the data of peoples’ distant friendships, appointments agenda, etc. to hook them up with millions of users and engage them for more time.

By using an emotionally rich imagery and intuitive engagement techniques on your site along with strong referrals from Google or Amazon creates trust in them, as this is a powerful emotion in users. In order to get a large user volume on your web site, you should stay up-to-date with current trends in UX usability. When users visit web visits, identify high focus areas in your interface through eye-tracking, heat maps and software that records movements. Keep emotion-stirring content by putting in words and images that make their experience worthwhile.

Also other things like brand relationships, security measures, certification, integrating your products into their daily by apps reiterate their trust in your website. Usually people become interested when they find what they are looking for easily. Their engagement is visible by return visiting ratios or participation in reward systems and by using robust social interfaces you will help your users.

Why do emotions in UX design matter?

UX design works in the same principle as emotional marketing, which means to put humans first and above all. An emotion-based UX aims to achieve its effectiveness by maintaining personalized relationships with target customers and users; by increasing the rates of conversions; by promoting brand; by reinforcing user loyalty through reward systems or offers; by making interaction more authentic and personal.

A site with a great emotional design helps in decreasing bounce rates. UX design structuralizes the website with high quality, user-friendly tools in such a way that it provides the user an effective navigation experience and leads in declining bounce rates.

No doubt a well-designed interface can make or mar your brand value. UX designs provide an enjoyable scrolling experience to the customer and prominent examples of a strong, successful user connect with web designs that are efficiently displayed by brands like Marks & Spencer’s, Zara, Mango, etc.

A strong emotional design avoids negative experiences for the web users and they come back for the feel-good factor. For instance, when you go to a shop and immensely like their services, you will give them a high rating. The same way a good UX design becomes a positive experience for the other users on the same platform as they get tempted and influenced by a good review.

If a UX designer has put in his heart at the concept designing stage, then he is in a better state to maintain the site’s originality and standards by creating a special bond with their customers. Also user behaviour determines the success of UX or web design. There is something special about human emotions, for instance, Nike is a perfect living example of a great emotional bond with their users wherein they have been greatly influenced by Nike’s deeper sense of customized and curated UX designs.

A good emotional design fetches great volumes in sales too! For instance, iPhones and Samsung success ratio has completely obliterated Blackberry and Nokia with their smooth, functional, attractive and slicker UX designs.

Also emotion is a powerful tool that builds memory and research depicts that the more engaged a user’s emotion is to a site, the more likely it impacts the memorization of the message. Everything that revolves around in the web development is a result of design, whether good or bad, all designs evoke an emotion such as pleasure, joy, contentment, frustration, anger or irritation.

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