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Digital Marketing for Small Business 101: Inbound Marketing Targeted Content

Want to turn your website from a liability to an asset? Great! We’re going to discuss Digital Marketing for Small Business all week this week – specifically Inbound Marketing, and how it can help your business.

Digital Marketing for Small Business 101- Inbound Marketing Content Creation

Inbound marketing is a marketing framework that can be summarized as this:

The best way to your ideal customer is by providing the right content at the right time.

To leverage this framework, you’ll need to understand the main three parts of the inbound strategy:

  1. Ideal Customer, or Buyer Personas
  2. Quality Content, blog posts, landing pages, Ebooks
  3. Correct Timing, or The Buyer’s Journey

It’s a powerful framework that is built around how people are shopping for goods and services on the internet. We’ve covered the first part of this method in Part 1, which you can read by clicking here.

Now that you know about Buyer Personas, how do you best position yourself to be found online? What your customers looking for? Watch this video and read on where we focus on Part 2: Targeted Content.