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We build much more than simply a shopping cart. With a range of innovative features your site can be seen as much more of a platform upon which the eCommerce aspirations of your business flourish. With powerful front-end, back-end and integration functionality, we strive to create a mix of features that go beyond the basics.

Standards & Flexibility

  • Best Practice Coding

    Our team follows the best development practices in the industry. As these evolve over time, so do our processes. When you hire us, you can be assured that there are no shortcuts involved!

  • Versioning

    We use Github within our development environment to store revision history of all development changes. This ensures quick revert-backs to previous code versions when needed along with seamless flow from staging to production environments.

  • Testing

    We include both automated and manual testing methods with the staging setup. These are 'real world', rather than hypothetical tests. We try to identify all possible breaks in the system with the thorough testing, this helps us prevent any issues on environments.

  • Support

    As your site or app goes live, we are standing by for immediate support. As the system grows, we are always there to continually service and recondition the environment as per the latest needs.

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Deployment Process

Our deployment process follows three key steps (development, staging, production) that guarantees continuous communication and feedback between you and our development team.

This process benefits you because we release ‘early and often’, which means you see incremental updates over time as development progresses.

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Performance Testing

  • Once the site has been deployed, we conduct tests to understand how new features/code changes affect users’ experience within their web browsers.
  • We also analyze traffic trends and ways to improve conversions.
  • A key performance metric is the server flexibility and optimization. We do regular server health checks to ensure that the site is running optimally.

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